Tantra – A Beautiful Alternative

Tantra is an ancient healing art with powerful energies which can bring a new positive attitude to negative thoughts that may be holding you back in many areas of your life. Doctors are all too quick to prescribe pills and psychotherapy when all we sometimes need is space and a little time to de-stress and find peace away from the phone, TV and noise.

Stress is one of the biggest ailments in our modern world it affects our well-being in so many ways. An inability to relax fully in the moment has a huge bearing in our sensual and sexual lives.

A Tantra massage can be the first step to dealing with premature ejaculation problems, a relaxed setting, intrinsic breathing techniques can give confidence to slow the act down which in turn allows the body to prolong the pleasure aspect before orgasm. The massage also alleviates the negative thought spiral associated with this anxiety.

If you feel you have lost your libido due to a myriad of causes, major operations, stress of every day life, relationship and family pressures or you wish to reconnect with your sensual side allowing Tantra into your life can benefit you greatly.

If you and your partner have lost the magical element to your relationship or sexual relationship then Tantra can hold the key to a beautiful reconnection and rejuvenation in your relationship.

Please visit my website http://www.goddessofsensualtouch.com or call me 087 343 5081 to discuss how Tantra could enrich and change your life.

Namaste…..The Divine in me, honours the divine in you.



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