The Orgasmic Woman

There is a myth that’s been circulating for eons……women have a lower sex drive than men…..research has has proven this to be categorically not the case. What I’ve discovered is women are just turned on in different ways….whereas just the visual aspect of any woman showing a bit of cleavage, a shapely leg or full red lips, take that further, then make it touch or a massage and many men will become aroused regardless whether it’s a random woman or someone they feel a connection with…obviously most men always don’t act on this arousal.

Woman are usually different. There normally has to be some kind of tangible connection for them to become turned on enough to act on the feeling even if the connection is tenuous. That’s why sensual massage services has never taken off for women, men have used these services for sexual relief for centuries.

Every woman is unique and her personal erogenous zones are too but what most women need to reach orgasm is a sense of calm and safety with a partner they trust completely. Someone who is there for them no matter how they look. Emotions are tied up with this and it’s a cycle that many woman need to break free from, the self persecution, I feel fat, I feel tired, I don’t look how I used to, I feel ugly I want sex to be perfect. I read an article the other day and it was so true. If we wait for the perfect time to make love it will never happen because it’s rare that life is ever perfect.

So accept your body the way it is and love it or change it out of respect for yourself and be positive that this is the first day of change.

One of the main philosophies within Tantra is respect. Respect for one’s own body and for that of your partner’s and wanting to give the person you love bliss.

Denying ourselves the pleasure of making love and orgasm is a terribly sad state, why would a woman want to deny herself warmth and touch and the sense of well-being that comes from being close to someone.

Sometimes we just need to step back and find the time, turn the phones off, send the children away to their friend’s house for the night, light some candles and just kiss and touch. But what if it’s hard to switch your mind off from worries, what if the touch feels awkward? Tantra techniques slow everything down, the meditative breathing relaxes you and enables you to feel this beautiful method of touching more intensely. The touch is not only concentrated on your genitals and breasts but let’s your whole body surrender to a blissful state. The Yoni (vaginal) massage when perfected by your partner can bring you to a powerful orgasmic state. And I promise you when you feel the beauty of this orgasm it will be very rare that you will want to find an excuse not to make love…..for why would you want to deny yourself the type of orgasms you always dreamed of….and making love the way you always thought it would be.

During a couples session you will both go on a journey to build a deeper connection between each other. The Tantric embrace ignites a unique bond, then the ancient massage techniques you learn to perform on each other can send you both to new heights of pleasure which is within every body you just need to use the key (Tantra) to unlock the orgasmic bliss with no need for anything else but each other.

You may go to my website to learn more or contact me

Wishing you peace and loveAphroditePearlsDraper


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