I can’t breathe…….

Breath work and meditation are vital components of Tantra. We can all breathe but it’s the long breath we take at times in the garden, in the forest or by the sea. When the heady scent of nature lures us. Then we want to really breathe in the freshness or the aroma of spring grass, the heady sweetness of an old fashioned rose or exotic jasmine.

We then breathe for a reason. But what better reason then our health either physical, mental or spiritual. When there is a good reason or when we decide we really want something  or want to do something apathy melts away. We find the motivation, then there is no such thing as can’t, it’s only the mind that limits our beliefs. We can if we try.

Deep breathing activates our life force, our chi, our energy and without this element, the prime benefits of Tantra and of life are lost.

We often hear about a detox for the body, some people abstain from alcohol to detox their liver. Others detox by cutting out certain food in an effort to cleanse their digestive system.

But what if we could detox our minds everyday, let go of stress, anxiety, anger and other forms of negative energy.

Deep breathing not only clears the body of toxins and revitalizes all our organs. It de-clutters our mind from the negativity that holds us back in life. We are then free to be. Free to learn and grow in a positive way. Free to find that deep peace that is often stifled by oppression.

We should never be tarnished by others who seek to judge or inflict their narrow minds, their religion, their limited view of life on us if we are seeking knowledge that allows us to reach our full potential as a person, a lover and true friend.

Tantra breath work together with movement (Yoga or Qi Gong) enables us to free our minds from past conditioning, be at one with our body and promote our health and vitality in the most natural way.

When we are in optimum health mind, body and soul, we are ageless, we defy convention.


Sensual Mindfulness


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Meditation and mindfulness are the new buzzwords.  New articles and books are published everyday on these matters as if it’s the new thing.

Like Tantra these practices are centuries old but now many people are becoming increasingly disillusioned  with the hamster wheel of life and the freedom we thought we had gained from the internet enslaves us even more through obsessive checking with what everyone else is doing with their lives or watching acts that used to be private. Some of us are beginning to lose our sense of peace when we are constantly engaged with media and gadgets.

The mind disengages with our senses when our eyes are focused on a screen, our bodies become numb when the mind is concentrating on visual images.

I like to call Tantra massage sensual mindfulness. During a Tantra session one disconnects from stress, anxiety,  what’s happening in our usual world and enters a meditative state through breath work.  Only conscious of the sensations of the moment. Any anxiety of past sexual experiences is let go freeing one to be fully present in the beauty and ecstasy of the moment.

Tantra enables us to truly feel every touch, every tingle as the positive energy and electricity rises bringing us to a heightened state of pleasure and sensuality.

Tantra can give you a new found respect for your body as it feeds the senses in every way instead of craving fast food laden with salt and sugar and creaminess it’s the pure taste of unprocessed food, sharp, savoury and natural sweetness that sates a hunger that’s not a condition of emotions.

If our self-respect returns then so does our respect for others and most importantly our partner. Tantra in it’s purest form is about wanting give bliss in every way and to nurture a rare intimacy with another or with ourselves.

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Tantra – The Power of Respect

As the grey days of winter begin to envelope us and another year passes it’s often a time when our energy begins to dip, the sun warming our faces and giving us the feel good factor seems a distant memory. This is often a time when we take comfort in artificial warmth when the authentic fire could burn so brightly within us.

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Often one is drawn to Tantra through the sensual element and yes it’s a very important aspect. But all the elements have their place in a healthy life.

Respect for oneself and others is vital but often missing on a daily level. It’s about taking care, of how we treat ourselves, others, not only those we love, the food we eat and what we choose to drink and how much we drink.

Tantra massage and lifestyle raises the positive energy within ourselves and with that a new respect for ourselves and ultimately how we live. This filters through our relationships too. If we are experiencing bliss then we are filled with passion to share and give bliss to those we love. The meditation elements allow us to live life free from anxiety and lower stress levels enable us to enjoy life within contentment as striving to find happiness through material goods melts away as we realize bliss is what we can achieve from the power of of own bodies and the ability to share that state with another.

If you would like to explore Tantra further and how it can lead you to the path of of not just sensual mindfulness but can help you to overcome and let go of the past and habits which create a negative self image then you may contact me to discuss the beneficial properties 087 343 5081.

Tantra has the ability to fill your present and future with a new found respect for yourself  thus finding comfort in food via overeating, alcohol and other modern day addictions that lead to self loathing can be eradicated by nurturing and stimulating the power of positive energy through massage and meditation.

Positive energy has the power to transform how we feel about ourselves and simply put; if we feel good about ourselves then we are more aware of how our body feels and moves and what we choose to put in it and subject it to. The negative past can be let go and the blissful sunshine can be free to fill us with a warmth even through these dark winter days and nights.

The Orgasmic Woman

There is a myth that’s been circulating for eons……women have a lower sex drive than men…..research has has proven this to be categorically not the case. What I’ve discovered is women are just turned on in different ways….whereas just the visual aspect of any woman showing a bit of cleavage, a shapely leg or full red lips, take that further, then make it touch or a massage and many men will become aroused regardless whether it’s a random woman or someone they feel a connection with…obviously most men always don’t act on this arousal.

Woman are usually different. There normally has to be some kind of tangible connection for them to become turned on enough to act on the feeling even if the connection is tenuous. That’s why sensual massage services has never taken off for women, men have used these services for sexual relief for centuries.

Every woman is unique and her personal erogenous zones are too but what most women need to reach orgasm is a sense of calm and safety with a partner they trust completely. Someone who is there for them no matter how they look. Emotions are tied up with this and it’s a cycle that many woman need to break free from, the self persecution, I feel fat, I feel tired, I don’t look how I used to, I feel ugly I want sex to be perfect. I read an article the other day and it was so true. If we wait for the perfect time to make love it will never happen because it’s rare that life is ever perfect.

So accept your body the way it is and love it or change it out of respect for yourself and be positive that this is the first day of change.

One of the main philosophies within Tantra is respect. Respect for one’s own body and for that of your partner’s and wanting to give the person you love bliss.

Denying ourselves the pleasure of making love and orgasm is a terribly sad state, why would a woman want to deny herself warmth and touch and the sense of well-being that comes from being close to someone.

Sometimes we just need to step back and find the time, turn the phones off, send the children away to their friend’s house for the night, light some candles and just kiss and touch. But what if it’s hard to switch your mind off from worries, what if the touch feels awkward? Tantra techniques slow everything down, the meditative breathing relaxes you and enables you to feel this beautiful method of touching more intensely. The touch is not only concentrated on your genitals and breasts but let’s your whole body surrender to a blissful state. The Yoni (vaginal) massage when perfected by your partner can bring you to a powerful orgasmic state. And I promise you when you feel the beauty of this orgasm it will be very rare that you will want to find an excuse not to make love…..for why would you want to deny yourself the type of orgasms you always dreamed of….and making love the way you always thought it would be.

During a couples session you will both go on a journey to build a deeper connection between each other. The Tantric embrace ignites a unique bond, then the ancient massage techniques you learn to perform on each other can send you both to new heights of pleasure which is within every body you just need to use the key (Tantra) to unlock the orgasmic bliss with no need for anything else but each other.

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Wishing you peace and loveAphroditePearlsDraper

Tantra – A Beautiful Alternative

Tantra is an ancient healing art with powerful energies which can bring a new positive attitude to negative thoughts that may be holding you back in many areas of your life. Doctors are all too quick to prescribe pills and psychotherapy when all we sometimes need is space and a little time to de-stress and find peace away from the phone, TV and noise.

Stress is one of the biggest ailments in our modern world it affects our well-being in so many ways. An inability to relax fully in the moment has a huge bearing in our sensual and sexual lives.

A Tantra massage can be the first step to dealing with premature ejaculation problems, a relaxed setting, intrinsic breathing techniques can give confidence to slow the act down which in turn allows the body to prolong the pleasure aspect before orgasm. The massage also alleviates the negative thought spiral associated with this anxiety.

If you feel you have lost your libido due to a myriad of causes, major operations, stress of every day life, relationship and family pressures or you wish to reconnect with your sensual side allowing Tantra into your life can benefit you greatly.

If you and your partner have lost the magical element to your relationship or sexual relationship then Tantra can hold the key to a beautiful reconnection and rejuvenation in your relationship.

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Namaste…..The Divine in me, honours the divine in you.